2015 Highlights

Another year has passed and a new year is about to unfold. It is nice to take time reminiscing about all the things, both the good and not-so-good, that happened in my life for a whole year.

  • I traveled with my parents to Vietnam and bonded with siblings and friends at Coron and Baler.
  • I now have a house I can call my own!
  • My sister-in-law is pregnant. 🙂
  • I was able to make one of my dreams a reality, which is to have my very own website!
  • I may not be in a romantic relationship, but I reached a point in my life where I can honestly admit to myself that I am confidently comfortable being alone (without a significant other).
  • I was able to completely move on with the heart breaks I experienced in 2014.
  • My iPhone 6 got stolen, but it was a blessing in disguise for me to totally cut communications with my ex.
  • No harm came before me during the time when a stranger was able to unlawfully enter our house.
  • I am now both a Belieber and Directioner. Insofar as their latest albums are concerned, maturity indeed comes with age and life experiences.

A new year does not only mean making resolutions, but also to acknowledge the life lessons and blessings you have received, not only for the entire year that went by, but also all throughout your life.

  • God answers one’s prayers the best way He knows how and in His own perfect time. Every time I ask something from Him, He never fails to let me feel His presence in my life by giving me all that I need during the exact moment when I actually need Him. And I am grateful for that.
  • Family is of primary importance. I am blessed that I have parents, siblings and relatives whom I can always count on.
  • Life-long friends may not always be physically present, but at the end of the day, it is quite comforting to know that they are just there when you need their company or help.
  • Happiness lies from within. You cannot seek it from others. Happiness is a conscious and continuous effort that you need to recognize by being grateful of everything that is happening in your life.

Now, I am looking forward to my 2016 as a better person with a brave heart. Cheers!

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