How I long to let you know

How my love overflows

How I wish to return the past

How I yearn for the moment to last


You told me that you loved me

You showed me you care

You made me believe in things

Then left me hanging in the air


Why did you leave me?

Why did you hurt me?

Why did you give up so easily?

Why are things just not meant to be?


Though it’s too late to express how I feel

I want you to know you’re My Angel still

If you’re reading this and know these words are for you…

Believe me please and have no doubt they’re true…


Thank you for the time, attention, and care

Thanks for helping me grow

Thank you for once my life you became my friend

Thanks for liking me so…


How I must move on

To have a brand new start

And maybe if you’ll return to me

I’ll accept you with all my heart.


It hurts to let you go though you were never mine

A part of you will remain in me

Everything has a purpose, a reason

I love you still, Always have, Always will.

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