Almost a “One More Chance” story

Last night, 2 of our professors were not around so some of my classmates and I decided to have a coffee at Beanbag before going home. And surprisingly I saw this person whom I’ve known back in college. I was completely caught off guard because I have totally forgotten whatever relations we had before and suddenly the memories all came back to me that night.

This person was one of my friends in college. I should say there was a point in my life that I could consider him (yes! he’s a he) as my closest guy friend. We were THAT close back then, but just one day, we were no longer friends as if we were never friends at all… Not even in speaking terms anymore… Neither a hello nor a goodbye. A few months after, we bump into each other at campus WITH his girlfriend! One silent look says it all. And that’s the end of our almost “love” relationship. Then I never saw him since that day until last night.

You know that statement “A boy and a girl can never be just best friends.” I don’t believe in that, but apparently he did. He has no courage to say anything about it, but I felt what he was feeling towards me (considering I’m not a presumptuous individual). So I became the aloof-cold-I’m sorry, but can we be just friends-distant person that I’m not towards him. Imagine the sudden change and you’ll understand why one day he totally disappeared in my life like I was to his.

After coffee with my classmates, he caught up with me while I was walking along the streets. For about a minute or two, we were casually talking like those usual people who sees a familiar face somewhere whom you haven’t seen for quite some time. It was just like that. I was about to go home and he was about to attend a meeting, so we said our goodbyes with a smile.


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18 thoughts on “Almost a “One More Chance” story

  1. hindi naman secret at lalong nde love affair. almost lang. hehe.. as i said before "how can a story end without a beginning?" kaya hindi ko naikwento nun tsaka super tagal na nun at nakalimutan ko na talaga. naalala ko lang kagabi. hehe.. =)

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