Almost halfway around the sun

Last week, I had the chance to read my previous blogs and it gave me nostalgia to be able to reminisce about the fun things I did in the past and the insights I shared in my blog. Hence, I am inspired again to write and post my thoughts for my own reading pleasure.

So far 2018 is way better than what I hoped it would be.

At the start of my year, I suffered from stress-induced anxiety attacks and it scared me so much that I did not know what to do. I really can’t explain what I felt, but I had terrible headaches that would last the whole day and night and my heart was beating so fast for no apparent reason. I realised that I was working too much at the office, then I was still teaching after office hours plus I was travelling to Manila to attend classes for my Masters of Law.

Good thing I have very supportive family, friends and colleagues who helped me surpass whatever it was I was going through. I had to take some time to just chill and relax. After work, I went to Basilica church to pray and attend mass. I had some dinner and drinks with my long time friends. I chat and conversed with people who cared about my well-being. I attended JVP Naga Local Chapter activities. And I found a new set of friends whom I get to travel with (a lot) and who constantly remind me to have fun from time to time.

I am filled with joy knowing that I was able to do my passion for travel! In just a span of 4 months, I went to the beaches of Atulayan (twice), Gubat and Subic, Sorsogon, Burias islands of Masbate, Parola Island at Camarines Norte, Bohol and Cebu. I also went to South Korea and Hong Kong to spend quality time with my family and relatives. I went for a swim at Panicuason Hot Spring, Malabsay Fall and Hi-way 411. And it was a first for me to be at a cockpit arena to watch cockfighting! This month, I will still travel to Cebu with my siblings and Garchitorena with friends.

My love for learning also took a chunk of my time, which made my life more fulfilling. I attended the RTC-COCAP National Convention at Manila Hotel and the 44th Pre-Judicature Program at Hotel Elizabeth in Cebu. I am also halfway finished with my Masters of Law at San Beda University.

Finally, building new friendships with people I’ve met from different countries and with various nationalities made my life more enjoyable and interesting. I gained friends who do volunteer works from Australia, Germany, South Korea and US. They remind me of my JVP year where being of service to others is one of the things that leads me towards my real purpose in life.

Sometimes, with each passing day, we are too busy making a living that we forget to live our life.

May today be a reminder that we must live our life to the fullest and make every moment count. Let memories of the past and dreams of the future inspire us in our pursuit for genuine happiness.

I am really blessed and grateful with all of the things that is happening in my life and to think it is only almost half of 2018! I have plenty to be thankful for and I am looking forward with a happy and positive heart to the second half of the year.

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