The Sunday currently, volume 9.

Today is the last Sunday of 2015! Oh, how time flies so fast… I am just chilling at home after last night’s get together with the entire Mendoza clan filled with food, games, gifts and, most importantly, laughter. Family gatherings are the best! I love them all. 🙂

Reading My reading assignment this week is Stupid is Forever More by Sen. Miriam Santiago; which I bought during my Christmas shopping, but had no time reading it yet due to the holiday activities.

Writing My last entry of the Sunday currently for 2015. It is quite nostalgic to reminisce the year that was 2015. I still can’t believe that I now have a house, which I can truly call my own.

Listening Dessert by Dawin. This is the go to dance song of my nephews and nieces. They are so adorable!

Thinking about last night’s family get together. It was full of fun and laughter. I had a blast!

Smelling My niece/goddaughter’s perfume.

Wishing that a potential work would all push through soon.

Hoping for a new love next year.

Wearing White sando from Boracay and white shorts.

Loving Lord for a wonderful Christmas with my family.

Wanting hot shower.

Needing to finish work for my online client, but I am too lazy to work this holiday.

Feeling super happy that I have a generous, kind and loving family.

Clicking Youtube videos about 1D and Niall. I am still obsessed watching all of their videos online.

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The Sunday currently, volume 8.


5 days to go before Christmas! The weekend was all about Christmas parties and outreach activities. We had the parties yesterday and last night for the Ateneo de Naga University community at school followed by the Accountancy and FMC party at home. Yesterday morning, I went to Brgy. San Nicolas, Canaman, Camarines Sur for the joint outreach of ADNU DWTL-W and CCD Voltz. Then today, we had the annual Pasko sa Sta. Rafaela Christmas Party at McDonalds.

Reading I have not read a book this week because I mostly watch videos every night before sleeping.

Writing I made a draft of the Pasko sa Sta. Rafaela activity of one of my college organizations, DWTL-W, plus I will also write about the outreach activity we conducted at Brgy. San Nicolas, Canaman, Camarines Sur.

Listening Made in the A.M. album of One Direction on Spotify. This is my current obsession this week. My favorite 1D member is Niall Horan. 🙂

Thinking about the family exchange gifts activity I am spear heading.

Smelling fresh dalandan juice.

Wishing for more funds this Christmas.

Hoping Christmas to be filled with joy and love.

Wearing floor length dress I bought in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.

Loving the cold and breezy weather.

Wanting to watch Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens and have my own BB-8 toy.

Needing the documents I notarized to be submitted to court before the year ends.

Feeling blessed that I get to do all the things I am passionate about especially giving and helping those in need.

Clicking also nothing since I was busy downloading and watching movies.

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The Sunday currently, volume 7.

Signal No. 1 here in Naga City due to Typhoon Nona, thus, having a rainy Sunday. The week had been productive in terms of work and personal endeavors. I managed to finish an Appellant’s Brief and conducted the preliminary examinations for my four (4) classes, visited a wake of a friend’s mom with law school mates and attended a vista. I am thankful that my health is in good condition and I have no more aching feet.

Reading None this week for being busy with work.

Writing Finished writing ‘My Starbucks Planner Tradition’ earlier and now this volume of ‘The Sunday currently.’

Listening ‘I was made for loving you’ by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran.

Thinking about the gifts I need to buy for Christmas.

Smelling the cheese-flavored Munchies I ate a while ago.

Wishing for safety and be away from any harm due to the coming typhoon “Nona.”

Hoping for a Christmas bonus.

Wearing gray shirt and black leggings

Loving the early Christmas gifts from clients.

Wanting travel stuff I saw online like the Lifeproof casing, Scratch Map and Baubax jacket.

Needing to repair my TV in preparation for the coming parties at home.

Feeling grateful for God’s best gift ever: my wonderful family.

Clicking Aileen is a lifestyle and travel blogger and her story and accomplishments as a blogger really inspired me considering that her website is barely two years old.

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The Sunday currently, volume 6.

Again, I got sick because, maybe, I did not have enough rest to completely recover from my colds and cough. Yet, I really cannot afford not to work and, after just a day of hiatus, people kept calling on my mobiles and sending me text messages. So I really do not have any choice, but to return to work after a full rest for 1.5 days.

Reading Stuff about Christmas DIYs on Pinterest.

Writing The Sunday currently, volume 6. Also, I am starting to compile all the tour packages I need to post on my website.

Listening ‘Am I Wrong’ by Nico & Vinz.

Thinking about how blessed I am being single at the moment even if I am actually praying that I could already be with my future husband (whoever he may be).

Smelling my perfume, Hot Gold of United Colors of Benetton.

Wishing to have enough money to cover this month’s obligations.

Hoping for Divine guidance, intervention and resolutions of my cousins’ current dilemmas.

Wearing white polo shirt and white jean shorts with faded blue vertical stripes.

Loving the new Windows 10 that took me 20.5 hours to install.

Wanting to complete my SB stickers so as to get the planner. I just need 2 more stickers.

Needing to buy some stuff for the house.

Feeling excited for tonight’s FIDA Christmas Party. FIDA is an organization of lady lawyers in Bicol.

Clicking I learned a lot about topics in relation to personal finance, which I think are very useful for young professionals like myself.

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The Sunday currently, volume 5.

One more day and it’s going to be the last month of 2015. Whoa! How time flies so fast! Christmas season has begun since first day of September and I am so glad that our Christmas tree is finally up! And I got my very own website yesterday! Amazing!

The week has been a struggle for me due to having colds, headache, dry cough and slight fever for several days, but I managed to survive by drinking medicines and lots of fluids plus sleeping for 8-hours every night. I had a hard time talking during classes, still I was able to finish a Position Paper for a client due this coming Tuesday. So it was still a good week for me overall.

Reading Stuff about WordPress.

Writing The Sunday currently, volume 5. I am also planning to write contents for my Pages in my website.

Listening Locked away by Rock City featuring Adam Levine. I first heard the song when Alden Richards lip synced (or ‘dubsmash’) it in Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye last Monday.

Thinking about the content of my website and the things I need to write on the Pages of my site.

Smelling Rosemary fragrance oil. I used it in my oil burner, which was a gift from my brother, Kuya Don, during his wedding

Wishing to get rid of my colds and cough

Hoping for world peace

Wearing peach colored sando with elephant print and printed pajama pants

Loving the Christmas tree I put up at home

Wanting to watch Mockingjay Part 2 after being able to watch Part 1 last night.

Needing to edit the appearance of all of my previous posts I imported from blogger to my website.

Feeling surreal and at awe knowing that I finally have my own website! What was just a dream being now a reality. I am also super excited for all the things I want to put in my site especially for my work, business and advocacy.

Clicking for WordPress Video Tutorials

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