DWTL-W Christmas Party with Street Children

DWTLW Xmas 2008
December 21, 2008 @ McDonalds, Naga City

As part of our outreach program and the funds coming from the proceeds of our raffle draw, we gathered 33 street children wandering around the Centro of Naga City at McDonalds.

We had games, intermission numbers, foods, drinks and lots of prizes and freebies for the kids.

It was a success and so much fun! Hopefully, this could be an annual event for us.

Thanks to the members of Days with the Lord – Women who made this activity possible. Truly a chance to give back all the blessings we have received this year from Manoy to our little brothers and sisters. ūüôā

Happy holidays!

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Texters, beware!

I got this text message yesterday morning (around 10.30) from an anonymous number,¬†“Kuya mo to pa pasaload naman ako ng 150 sa number na ito kc nawala yung cp at wallet ko para matawagan ko yung nakakuha.”

But it was only around 1 pm when I read the message because my cellphone was in silent mode.¬†After reading the text, my first instinct was of course to help because I thought it was “Kuya Mo” who actually texted me.

So I immediately replied with this message,¬†“kuya xenxa na. just read ur text. do u stil need the 150?”

I was really worried about “Kuya Mo” and, because of the super late reply, I thought he might have already asked help from someone else given the emergency nature of the text.

He texted back after a few seconds,¬†“Oo. Kailangan ko pa.”

And I answered back,¬†“Sige. il send u d load in a wyl.”

And he replied with,¬†“Ok.”

Then as if an angel whispered through my ears saying to me “He’s not Kuya Mo.” And it dawned me that the text might be a scam just to get free loads.

So I read his text messages again and that is when I notice that the text was in Tagalog! The “kuya mo to,” which I thought was “Kuya Mo” (short for Morris), actually meant “This is your
big brother.”¬† And besides knowing Kuya Mo, he won’t text me in Tagalog since we’re both in Naga.

So for the last time I sent him this message:¬†“Garo bako ka man si kuya mo.” (I think you’re not Kuya Mo.)

This time there was no reply.

That was the time I realized I was about to be a victim of a text scam and it’s gonna cost me 150 pesos!

I’m sharing this to you as a concerned citizen so that you won’t be a victim of another version of a text scam.

Please always be cautious of whatever text messages you receive from unknown numbers.

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eat. pray. love.

I was watching Oprah yesterday before my 3-8 pm Law classes at UNC. And her guest was Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “eat. pray. love.” Her story was very inspiring especially for women who are into depression state. What did she do to get out of that black hole of crying every night for 6 straight months in her bathroom tiled floors?

  1. EAT at Rome, Italy for 4 months. She was disciplined to enjoy every food she ate and happily gained 24 pounds.
  2. PRAY at India. Where she lost all those pounds doing yoga and felt the palm of God’s¬†hand.
  3. LOVE at Bali, Indonesia. This is where she met her love of her life without even searching.

Thus, the book.

She suggested 3 things for everyone to do to find ones own journey in life:

  1. Every morning ask yourself this question,¬†“What do I really, really, really want?”¬†Then answer it.
  2. And before going to bed, write down in your journal the “happiest moment you had¬†during the day.”
  3. Lastly, change your “mantra.” Your destiny. Your purpose in life.

So, do EAT. PRAY. and LOVE. everyday of your life! <3

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