Visa Exemption for Filipinos

By twentyfive

Visa Free for Pinoys

If you’re a Filipino and a holder of Philippine passport who likes traveling and exploring the beauty of the world, but hates the visa requirement to some countries, frown no more for you can still go to wonderful places without hassle-visa-appointments.

The list of countries below doesn’t require a visa for Filipinos prior to arrival. All you need are passport, plane tickets / itinerary, and some money for your tour.

No Visa Required for Filipinos in the Following Countries…

Click this link for the detailed list of countries: Visa Exemption for Filipinos
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Introducing PLANKING

As inspired by Katie, I had my First Planking Adventure, with Ezra as my photographer, at Boracay, Philippines.

“PLANKING is a silly game where you find the most ridiculous places to lay face down and take a picture.” ~ katie

All you have to do is lay like a ‘plank of wood’ at weirdest places you can think of and take as many planking shots as you want. At first you’ll feel weird doing it; but once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself having super fun!

My adventure begins at Starbucks...

The Boracay Beach Resort

Juice Bar

My friend Ethel doesn’t really care about our planking adventure. haha!

At the foot of the stairs of the Boracay Regency

You can plank anywhere you like! On top of tables…

by the beach..

Lifeguard house

sail boats

We asked Manong Guard if we could take a picture inside the Havaianas store and he said yes. But when he saw me do the planking…


Planking is fun no matter how silly you look! You can do it solo..

Or double planking..

also triple planking…

and even multiple planking with family and friends! 🙂

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Balik Erya: Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

Ikay and I visited the people and places that were memorable and played important roles during our JVP year back in 2006.

at marami ring nagbago sa Calapan maliban sa kalsada… hehe… 🙂

(Top: L-R) View of Calapan from top of hill, Swimming in river near Tugdaan, with Ikay at Tugdaan: an IP school, billiards (Middle) with housemates at Galilee house, JVP crosses, Tugdaan with Ikay, after swim pic (Bottom) before swim photo, eating our fave Lomi, free use of PC with net at a coffee shop, Ikay and I as guests in a local radio show

We had a blast!

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Baguio with Kapamilya

Don, May, sHLa, Mama, Jojo, Lhei, Papa

Mortal Combat posts

This is our first family trip that we are complete… My 3rd time in Baguio, but first time as a tourist lang talaga, kasi yung previous trips ko eh convention and competition; so first time ko pa rin napuntahan yung ibang places…

For us, Baguio = food trips and 10,000 plus steps around the City of Pines!

We went to Tam-awan Village, Arko ni Apo, St. Lourdes Altar, Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, PMA, Wright Park and Mines View. Kumain kami sa Pizza Volante, Solibao, PNKY Cafe, Dencio’s sa Hi Rise (?), Tea House’ Chona’s Delight at maraming street foods (yung binebenta sa daan… :P) like corn, lanzones, strawberry, taho, ice cream (Yup! Mainit din sa Baguio kaya may ice cream), atbp

Di ko alam kung ilang steps ang nilakad namin. Just imagine 500 steps at the stairs of St. Lourdes (back and forth), 185 steps going to the Presidential Mansion from Wright Park, touring the 3-hectare Historical Core of Camp John Hay (tapos 1 hour hintay sa pila ng Victory Liner to buy our bus tickets back to Manila) just to name a few; kaya I’m sure more than 10,000 steps all in all yun

Super masaya pala talaga to spend quality time with my family! Lalo na minsan lang talaga kami makumpleto sa isang taon, i.e. Christmas and Holy Week… Kaya sana marami pa sunod na mga trips namin… next target is Bohol! Sana talaga matuloy yun! 🙂

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Suroy sa Mindanao

Enjoy and full of adventures ang Mindanao trip ko with Sheila and Kuya Don this holiday season… 🙂

Day 1 (Dec 27) Davao City

We met up with Barbs, Ate Tine and Yan at Marfori Heights near Barbs’ office. Then dinner at the famous Penong’s where you need to wait for a table since they have lots of customers and serves unlimited rice. When you want to call the waiter’s attention, just clap your hands twice. Last stop was at People’s Park with plenty of big sculptures made by Kublai Millan. We stayed at Microtel Inn & Suites.

Day 2 (Dec 28) Scuba Diving at Davao City

It was our first time to try scuba diving at Talikod Island in Davao. Our instructor was “Potpot” from the Carabao Dive Center. I’m so glad that I now have a picture with “Nemo” under the sea.

Day 3 (Dec 29) Cagayan de Oro City

By midnight, we travelled to CDO and arrived there by 6 am. Together with my JVP batchmates, we went White Water Rafting (courtesy of Kagay). It was indeed an adrenaline rush through the strong rapids! Afterwards, we tried walking through the Sky Bridge and Zip Line.

We had dinner at Butcher’s Best together with Memel and had a coffee break at Bo’s Coffee to meet up with Lloyd, Aena and Ria. We stayed at Phil’s place to spend the night for rest and sleep.

Day 4 (Dec 30) Camiguin island

We headed to the White Island Beach for sunbathing, swimming and photo-ops. We also visited the Walkway, Sunken Cemetery, Old Ruins and Katibawasan Falls. Lunch at Coron, Coron and dinner at Eleonor’s. We stayed at the Enigmata Tree House wherein their art director was also Kublai Millan. They have art-decorated rooms and sculpture garden. The place was artistically mesmerizing!

Day 5 (Dec 31) Butuan City

We went to Butuan to visit Ate Tzi (my beloved form staff) and to spend the New Year with her together with Ate Reins, Phil and Ian. We toured the city and ate our dinner (of barbecue and “puso” or cooked rice packed in a banana leaf) at the 2nd longest cable bridge in Mindanao. We watched the fireworks by the riverside.

Last Day (Jan 1) Flight back to Manila

Sadly, our “suroy” had to end this day. So off we flew back to Manila via Cebu Pacific and came home with lots of memories and souvenirs from our Mindanao trip.

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