I think I could never see the most beautiful grade as lovely as a 3!

Hay! After 20 cases digested for 1 whole day, I ended up sleeping at 2 am… Then studying for another whole afternoon of the coverage given to us by our Professor in Civil Procedure… And after taking the Final exam last night, it all boils down with a hope of at most getting a grade of 3 (i.e. pasang awa) in our Civil Procedure subject!

Then it got me thinking… Actually, I never got a 3 in all of the subjects I have taken in my entire life! Much more in the College of Law… but as what they always say, there is always a first time for everything.

Though grades don’t really matter, it just bugs me that after all the hard work I’ve done, it’s still not enough to get what I really want and achieve the goal that I want in studying Law… That is to get a General Average of 1.4… (The highest GA I got was 1.5) Maybe my standards are quite high, but I know this helps me a lot not to be too complacent with my studies and eventually passing the Bar without the wish of at most getting a 3… hahaha!

At least I have a valid excuse to drink and be merry last night! Cheers!

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8 thoughts on “I think I could never see the most beautiful grade as lovely as a 3!

  1. asus! pa-humble ka man..hehehe.. tama ngani si number 3 mo accdg to ate julz kang nakaulay nya si atty pura.. anyways there's always hope..hehehe.. gudluck talaga sa public corp atchan ta mala mayong gana mag-adal o maski basa man lang..hahaha.. multiplying muna ako..hehehe

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. . . If you'll be getting a grade of 3. . . Eh ano na lang palan ang grade ko??? Waaaaaaa. . . Ayoko na, mental torture na ini. . .

    Maray pa kamo, jumjum na naman kamu subanggi. . . Ako baga, mala ta tuminuspak ulos paka uli ko. . . . Wahehehehehehehe. . .

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