Look back: 2014

My 2014 has its highs and lows, ups and downs and good and not-so-good stuff; but overall, I gained wisdom and emotional and spiritual stabilities.

I can honestly say my year was a roller coaster of emotions and experiences and, at the end of the day, I was able to accept and understand that happiness is indeed a matter of choice and how you take the events in your life is also a matter of your own perspective.

To note, this year alone, I lost an important job, but I gained two (2) jobs, a business and more clients in exchange. 🙂 I had two (2) heartbreaks (yes, not one!), but I got to travel a lot (Coron & Calauit, Calaguas, Hongkong, Boracay, Yogyakarta, Tagaytay and Beijing) together with the important people in my life to date. I encountered major obstacles (both personal and professional aspects) along the way that I handled all on my own, yet through it all, I really felt the help and comfort of the Lord. And lastly, I am able to continually fulfill one of my passions in life in my own little ways and that is service: I inspire, I share and I volunteer.

I learned that love is recognizing the happiness of the person you love even if it means letting go. The hurt may linger, however you will  still feel happy not because you lost someone; but rather because, as a human, you were given the chance to feel true love. 🙂 That is my silver lining.

I learned that success is not having plenty of money, but being able to value what God has given you to attain it: knowledge, set of  skills, money and, most of all, the people who inspired you to reach your dreams and goals.

I learned that my spirituality is the treasure I value the most in my life and I can only show my gratitude through helping others in simple ways I can without recognition and without rewards.

In summary, love, family and friends, success, spirituality and passions for travel and service are my personal gauges to feel authentic happiness. And no amount of struggles could ever hinder my passage towards genuine happiness. 🙂

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