Love does exist. Such love is not entertained.
Feelings are recognized. Such feelings are not being contemplated upon.
Expectations were not acknowledged. But hope still do persists.
Words are left unspoken.
Emotions are left disengaged.
Silence overshadows one’s heart no matter how overwhelming the feelings may be.
The past was left undisclosed.
The present is not being entertained.
Such future threatens not to exist.
Hence, I am scared. I am scared to lose – BIG TIME!
I am not expecting though. I am not expecting for anything to happen for that matter.
Maybe I am just hoping SO MUCH!
Too much hope, which is more than what my heart can actually endure.
Thus, forsaken love even before its own making.
It’s quite hard.
It is hard to ponder on things that were left unsaid and unrecognized to start with.
HUSH of the heart but still felt from within, yet, with neither tangible nor concrete assertions.
It is covered with doubts and uncertainties.
However, I can never excuse my own self-denials. That’s deceit and it wouldn’t be right.
I just really find it hard to believe – to make it REAL.
Therefore, ambiguity still remains.
How can I move on when there’s nothing to hold back to?
How do stories end without beginnings?

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