My 2018 Highlights

Happy New Year!

2018 just ended and looking back I can honestly say that it was one of the best years of my entire life! There were few bumps along the way especially dealing with my anxiety and insomnia, but overall, I feel grateful and blessed because of the people I met, the things I did, and the places I went to. So here are 35 highlights of my 2018:

  1. I suffered from a stress-induced anxiety.
  2. First time to have a date with a total stranger/foreigner! ?
  3. First road trip to Atulayan beach
  4. Met a new set of travel buddies from Australia, France, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, and US at Atulayan.
  5. I went on a road trip to Lola Sayong at Gubat, Sorsogon where I got to taste the best tom yum I ever tasted in my entire life courtesy of Chef John!
  6. First time to attend the National Convention of RTC-COCAP at Manila Hotel.
  7. First time to experience winter at Seoul, South Korea with the family.
  8. First time to travel and beach hop at Burias Islands of Masbate.
  9. I went for a swim at Panicuason Hot Spring and Malabsay Fall
  10. First time to visit a cockpit arena and watch cockfighting.
  11. Birthday salubong at Camarines Norte with friends after our beach trip at Parola Island.
  12. Birthday celebration with my beloved Pamilya Kalabasa at home.
  13. I was able to watch the Lion King Musical with RockInah and twin sis.
  14. I went on a trip to Bohol with someone special.
  15. I attended the 44th Pre-Judicature Program at Cebu City and passed the exam!
  16. I went to Hong Kong to spend quality time with my family and relatives.
  17. I watched Bruno Mars concert live with VVIP ticket together with my twin sis!
  18. I am halfway finished with my Master of Laws at San Beda University.
  19. Spend Mothers’ Day celebration with the entire clan at Hi-way 411.
  20. I went to Atulayan island for the second time with officemates.
  21. I went to Siruma for two nights of beach camping.
  22. I swam with whale sharks at Oslob, Cebu (my third time to swim with whale sharks)
  23. I went canyoneering with siblings and cousin at Kawasan Falls.
  24. I spent Fathers’ Day with the entire family at Hibiscus Camp and Deer Farm at Ocampo, Camarines Sur.
  25. I went on an ATV ride with gal pals overlooking Mayon volcano.
  26. Second time to have a date with a total stranger/foreigner! ?
  27. I cancelled my trip to Melbourne, Australia due to the NAIA runway closure (caused by Xiamen Air plane overshoot)
  28. I attended the IBP Bicolandia Regional Convention at Naga City.
  29. I attended Sam Smith live concert!
  30. I went on my first ever solo trip abroad to Melbourne, Australia.
  31. I went on a romantic trip to Pattaya, Thailand.
  32. I went to Tagaytay with fellow Branch Clerks of Court for a seminar.
  33. I was granted a 10-year multiple entry US Visa!
  34. I attended and witnessed six (6) weddings this year.
  35. I learned how to do my own make-up.

P.S. I list down 35 because that’s my age in 2018. ?

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