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I read a topic about insights on millennial travelers being tech-savvies, traveling the local way and sharing the experiences through social media platforms. As millennial, we value experiences over material things, and we prioritize self-growth over career advancement. These are relevant on why and how I travel in the first place and now I understand more the importance of sharing my valuable travel experiences to others through social media platforms in order to inspire and serve individuals who possess same ideals that I have especially when it comes to traveling.

Hence, I am sharing with you my essential travel apps that I always use when planning and organizing my travels with the hope that you may find them useful for your future travel plans.

The links lead to the website where you can find where to download the app (usually located at the bottom part of their website with App Store or Google Play icons)


Since I am from the Philippines, I normally book my flights from these airlines and I am also registered in their travel rewards programs to earn points and get free flights. I am pretty sure most airlines also have their own apps and travel rewards programs.

I mainly use Skyscanner to compare costs of flights and flight schedules from all airlines with specific dates and destinations in mind. Then I visit the airline website to actually purchase the plane tickets.

For South East Asian destinations, Traveloka provides defined but wide range of travel needs in their platform. 


I started using Airbnb since 2014 and so far, all the places I stayed at were amazing and incredible. It is a cheaper option than staying at hotels and it feels like it’s your home away from home.

Although I prefer Airbnb most of the time, I still use Agoda and/or Booking for hotel or resort accommodations if I don’t find the perfect place to stay at from Airbnb. Plus these sites offer lots of discounts and promos in partnership with credit card companies, which I always avail.


If you are new with DIY travels and don’t want the hassle of researching and finding legitimate sites to book your travels, Klook provides you all the travel conveniences for booking travel activities and transportations (at a higher, but minimal cost).

Tripadvisor was the first website that became popular as a platform for travelers in need of information and recommendations regarding travel-related inquiries.


I use Google maps to get an idea about the travel time I need to allocate for my trips, and it provides detailed information when I travel using public transportation.

I use Waze for driving around the city, especially in Metro Manila so as not to get lost and to be aware of traffic and other advisories.


If I am not riding public vehicles for convenience purposes, I use Grab (in the Philippines) and Uber (outside of the Philippines) as my go-to app for transportation.

  • Country-specific public transportation app

Another thing I do before I travel abroad is to download apps of the public transport system of the country I will visit (mostly for first-world countries), which are very helpful and useful to get around the country I am visiting.


Checking the weather before and during your travel is important to be prepared of what you need to wear and bring for your trip.


I recently discovered this app since, as a millennial traveler, I purchase and shop using apps or online and with every purchase using the link through this app, I get a cash back.

  • Airline Rewards Program

Because I travel regularly, I registered with airline’s rewards program and indicate my account every time I purchase my airline tickets to get reward points. I use my points to purchase tickets for free or at a minimal cost.

Even though I regularly use the above-mentioned travel apps every time I plan for my trips, I still avail the services of trusted travel agencies from time to time and I do inquire from my friends who are locally-based at the place where I am going for recommendations, suggestions and tips about accommodations, places to visit, where to eat and how to get around their place.

On a final note, I just want to share with you the infographic below about the insights on millennial traveler behavior I got from a blog site.

*P.S.: Some of these apps I shared provide personal links, which would offer you discounts for your first booking or purchase and give me rewards or points if you use my link.

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