My Must-have Travel Essentials

These are the things I cannot afford not to bring while travelling:

  • Notebook & pen

I always have a notebook and pen inside my bag to write down stuff that pops up inside my head.

  • iPhone or android phone

Your phone, with multitude of mobile apps, is the ultimate go-to gadget to pass time while on a long bus ride, waiting for flights & when in long queues.

  • Long scarf

My ultimate travel accessory with versatile functions such as an alternative jacket, a head gear (for sun protection), blanket, shawl or even as a towel.

  • Kikay kit (powder, lip gloss, alcohol, mirror, comb, tissue)

If you’re a girl, you’ll understand why.

  • Sweets (gum & candies)

An instant solution when you feel hungry.

  • Camera/DSLR

To document the places you’ve been & share your stories with others.

  • Wallet (with money, cards & IDs)

Need I say more?

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2 thoughts on “My Must-have Travel Essentials

  1. can i add something here lhei? over-the-counter meds pa, like bonamine para sa byahilo, mefenamic acid for headaches, bandaid and diatabs! in case you eat something nasty hehe…good day!

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