My Starbucks Planner Tradition

Starbucks planners2
2012-2015 Starbucks planners

It started in 2012 when my twin sister, Sheila, gave me her 2-month old Starbucks planner. She said she was not using it so might as well just give it to me since I need it more than she does. And so did I! By end of February 2012, I passed the 2011 Philippine Bar examination! Then by next month, I opened my first travel agency business in Naga City. Indeed, a planner is just what I need to note all the stuff I must accomplish in a given day. Thus, the start of my Starbucks planner tradition.

I use my Starbucks planner to list down the following:

  1. My monthly budget
  2. Vista or hearing settings
  3. Personal tasks and stuff
  4. Work to do’s
  5. Travel plans and schedules with ticket itineraries
  6. Happy memories and/or events
  7. Shopping list
  8. Academic calendar
  9. Business concerns
  10. Daily routines and schedule

I still have other things, which I note or place inside my planner that I opt to keep to myself. 🙂

I am now on my 6th year (out of the 13 years when Starbucks started this tradition in the Philippines in 2003). Last 2013, I decided not to do my Starbucks planner tradition in light of the super typhoon Yolanda tragedy and I opted to just donate the money I will spend for a 2014 Starbucks planner to the victims of said super typhoon. Luckily, my colleague gave one to me as a Christmas gift.

2016 Starbucks planner2
2016 Starbucks planner (by Moleskin)

Bonus: Every year, Starbucks hosts a Christmas Cheer Party wherein you get one free drink and a ref magnet when you buy any of their Christmas holiday drinks . They also serve free food and drinks and hold a raffle during the event.

2015-12-07 05.29.35

I know that any planner would suffice, but I chose Starbucks planner because I too love coffee and it’s an excuse for me to buy Starbucks coffee and have coffee dates during holiday season and, in the end, I would have a Starbucks planner as a reward and avail of the promos that come with it. Plus, I feel inspired using it because I earned it and not using it would be such a waste, hence, making me use my Starbucks planner to its fullest.

Again, I neither encourage nor discourage one to have a Starbucks planner for it entails unnecessary cost and expensive at that; but it’s a matter of personal preference. If you could afford to have one, if it fits your lifestyle and you actually use it regularly, go ahead and start your Starbucks planner tradition. However, if you are doing it due to social pressure and you do not have the extra money to spend, just opt for a simple and less expensive planner.

Happy holidays!
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