Series of Drinking Events

May 9 (Sat)      BarOps Planning at Brgy. Dolo, San Jose, Partido

May 10 (Sun)   Overnight with Dazers at Pasacao

May 11 (Mon)  13 hours of sleep for being sleep deprived over the weekend (no drinks)

May 12 (Tue)   Dinner date with Ajay, Bob, Ikay, Jay, Sheena and Squall at Molino and Yellow Cab

May 13 (Wed)  Ice Cream and Cake dates with JVPs at Cold Shack (no liquor)

May 14 (Thu)   BarOps meeting with Atty. Ninz at Coffee&Co. then Billiards at Mudbugs

May 15 (Fri)     Drinks at Panganibar with Bob, Jay & Rey then drinks again at Sheena’s place until                             2:30am

May 16 (Sat)    Dinner and Drinks at Ate Julie’s place

May 17 (Sun)   at Legaspi with Baby Rocky, Maia and Binoi (no alcohol)

May 18 (Mon)   Zip Lining at Lingñon Hill and watched Angels & Demons at SM Naga (sober night)

May 19 (Tue)    Latest drinking spree with Bob and Jay at newly improved Residencia

May 20 (Wed)  Drinks with the guys sa Gotohan and treat by Ivy… as usual only girl sa inuman

May 21 (Thu)   Mudbugs again to play billiards with Jay and PJ then 2 bottles of beer before                                        leaving for Manila.

So the quest continues… :p CHEERS!

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