The Sunday currently, volume 10.

I missed last Sunday’s entry of the Sunday Currently, which was supposed to be the first for this year. I was busy watching stuff on Youtube then I realized it’s past midnight already. Oh well… It’s also the first week back at work and I am glad that I have lots of things to accomplish. That’s why today, after mass, I opted to just chill and watch movies all afternoon. I finished two movies on Netflix (it’s finally in Asia!), Good Will Hunting and The Boy in a Striped Pajamas, and The Revenant. My love for watching movies and reading books is similar to my love for coffee and tea, I equally love both.

Reading Again, none, I spent my night and weekends watching movies and all sort of stuff on Youtube.
Writing This entry.
Listening None as of the moment.
Thinking about our Baguio/Manila trip this coming weekend.
Smelling the fish, I ate for dinner.
Wishing to finish the renewal of my businesses this week.
Hoping for everything to be well. I leave it all up to God.
Wearing light pink shirt and shorts, my typical ‘pambahay.’
Loving watching movies, my alternative from traveling.
Wanting facial and massage.
Needing to get back to exercising. It has been more than 3 months since my last exercise.
Feeling disappointed about how the internet speed in this country sucks! Because of it, I can’t watch movies on Netflix properly.
Clicking IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

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