The Sunday currently, volume 11.

I am back with my weekly post of ‘The Sunday currently! I am not sure why I suddenly did not find time to do this blog entry every Sunday. I guess it was during the time I had to travel over the weekend and then I just realized that it has been 5 months since my last entry of the ‘The Sunday currently! But now, I am including this as part of my weekly routine and, hopefully, I could stick to it religiously. Plus, I decided to add Clicking (mobile app) and Watching (movie) on my list because I usually discover a new app or movie every week.

Reading ‘A Woman in Amber’ by Agate Nesaule. I included daily reading as part of my night routine and so far I finished reading 7-pages. The book is quite long and I think it will take me a month to finish it.
Writing Today’s entry of the ‘The Sunday currently’
Listening ‘Before you go’ by Common Kings. It was in the Spotify playlist of Discovery Weekly and, since then, I listen to the song every day.
Thinking about my new job as a government employee. It will be a big adjustment on my part because I have been self-employed since 2012 and it is my first time to work at a government office.
Smelling a 5-day old baby! My newest nephew, AJ, is at home! We were surprised by his parents and they did not inform us that they will be coming here in Naga.
Wishing for hassle-free and no traffic morning drive to my new workplace at Iriga City that is an hour drive from Naga.
Hoping that I could stick with my daily routines, cleaning tasks and schedules.
Wearing plain white shirt and denim shorts, which I bought at ‘ukay-ukay (a version of a thrift store for used clothing in the Philippines) for P25 (or US$0.50).
Loving Baby AJ, of course! I was able to carry him a while ago for just a minute or two. 🙂
Wanting to design and finish the interior of my house. Unfortunately, I do not have the fund and time yet to do them.
Needing a dental cleaning and check-up.
Feeling nostalgic that I have a new nephew!
Browsing I read and downloaded the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly cleaning lists as my guide for coming up with my own list.
Clicking ‘Routinist’ to track my daily routines and ‘Teach Aide+’ to track attendance and performance of my students, which I need for teaching.
Watching ‘The Jungle Book’ I have not read the book, but I love the story. It’s perfect for kids and there are lots of lessons that can be gained from the movie.

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