The Sunday currently, volume 12

Keeping up with blogging has been hard for me for the past two years, but I must admit that I do miss it a lot. Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies since I started writing in college. Given my hectic work schedule plus school demands and constant travels, I end up not blogging nor updating my website. But, since it’s a long weekend and I have the whole afternoon doing nothing, hence, this blog (real time). πŸ™‚


Reading β€˜Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. Actually, this is the first audiobook I listened to using Audible during my daily drive to and from work and while working online. The story of Ready Player One is very interesting and you will be hooked once you start reading or listening to it and it was recommended by Casey Neistat.
Writing My first β€˜The Sunday currently’ entry this year 2017.
ListeningΒ ‘Look What You Made Me Do’Β by Taylor Swift. TS’ first single for her upcoming album ‘Reputation’ to be released on November 2017. Despite some negative public opinion about the song, I like it and I think the song conveys about overcoming struggles and being strong.
ThinkingΒ about my plans of relaunching my website.
Smelling my newly-washed hair and it smells amazing. :p
Wishing for more days like today where I feel relaxed and rested.
Hoping that Sheila (my twin sis) and I would be able to buy Upper Box A tickets for Bruno Mar’s concert on May 3, 2018.
Wearing plain white sando and blue and white vertical striped pyjama shorts. My staple clothes at home.
LovingΒ my iPad Air 2 where I am currently writing this blog entry.
Wanting nothing actually.
NeedingΒ to visit my dentist the soonest possible time.
FeelingΒ super chill!
Browsing Death Note manga series at after watching the film to recall its original plot and story.
Clicking β€˜WordPress’ app for today’s blog entry.
Watching β€˜Death Note’ film, which was released last night on Netflix.

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