The Sunday currently, volume 13

I just got back from Manila and now I am having a bit of rest from my online work, which I need to finish today. My long weekend was very productive: finalized a contract, attended classes for my LLM at San Beda College, currently finishing up my online work and managed to write this post during my self-imposed break.

Reading I haven’t read a book this week due to my busy schedule, but I have downloaded e-books that I saved in my Kindle, which need to be read by me.
Writing This post. I know I have listed topics for writing, unfortunately, I really need to find time to do them. It will be a challenge though since I have two papers to write for my Masters.
Listening ‘Sa Isip Ko’  by Sarah Geronimo.
Thinking about my Taipei trip with Shla, Ez and Etz this end of the month! So excited! 🙂
Smelling the fresh breeze.
Wishing to have ‘moolah’ for a potential investment.
Hoping to finish my online work today.
Wearing Peanuts printed shirt and short.
Loving the weather: sunny and breezy!
Wanting mani-pedi.
Needing a long overdue haircut.
Feeling motivated to do great in all of my current endeavors!
Browsing boring stuff about the topics we’ve discussed during my classes.
Clicking Expensify, but I need to sign up first before I could use it.
Watching ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ on Netflix.

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