The Sunday currently, volume 5.

One more day and it’s going to be the last month of 2015. Whoa! How time flies so fast! Christmas season has begun since first day of September and I am so glad that our Christmas tree is finally up! And I got my very own website yesterday! Amazing!

The week has been a struggle for me due to having colds, headache, dry cough and slight fever for several days, but I managed to survive by drinking medicines and lots of fluids plus sleeping for 8-hours every night. I had a hard time talking during classes, still I was able to finish a Position Paper for a client due this coming Tuesday. So it was still a good week for me overall.

Reading Stuff about WordPress.

Writing The Sunday currently, volume 5. I am also planning to write contents for my Pages in my website.

Listening Locked away by Rock City featuring Adam Levine. I first heard the song when Alden Richards lip synced (or ‘dubsmash’) it in Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye last Monday.

Thinking about the content of my website and the things I need to write on the Pages of my site.

Smelling Rosemary fragrance oil. I used it in my oil burner, which was a gift from my brother, Kuya Don, during his wedding

Wishing to get rid of my colds and cough

Hoping for world peace

Wearing peach colored sando with elephant print and printed pajama pants

Loving the Christmas tree I put up at home

Wanting to watch Mockingjay Part 2 after being able to watch Part 1 last night.

Needing to edit the appearance of all of my previous posts I imported from blogger to my website.

Feeling surreal and at awe knowing that I finally have my own website! What was just a dream being now a reality. I am also super excited for all the things I want to put in my site especially for my work, business and advocacy.

Clicking for WordPress Video Tutorials

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