The Sunday currently, volume 9.

Today is the last Sunday of 2015! Oh, how time flies so fast… I am just chilling at home after last night’s get together with the entire Mendoza clan filled with food, games, gifts and, most importantly, laughter. Family gatherings are the best! I love them all. 🙂

Reading My reading assignment this week is Stupid is Forever More by Sen. Miriam Santiago; which I bought during my Christmas shopping, but had no time reading it yet due to the holiday activities.

Writing My last entry of the Sunday currently for 2015. It is quite nostalgic to reminisce the year that was 2015. I still can’t believe that I now have a house, which I can truly call my own.

Listening Dessert by Dawin. This is the go to dance song of my nephews and nieces. They are so adorable!

Thinking about last night’s family get together. It was full of fun and laughter. I had a blast!

Smelling My niece/goddaughter’s perfume.

Wishing that a potential work would all push through soon.

Hoping for a new love next year.

Wearing White sando from Boracay and white shorts.

Loving Lord for a wonderful Christmas with my family.

Wanting hot shower.

Needing to finish work for my online client, but I am too lazy to work this holiday.

Feeling super happy that I have a generous, kind and loving family.

Clicking Youtube videos about 1D and Niall. I am still obsessed watching all of their videos online.

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