What to Pack for an Overnight Beach Camping Trip

I recently went on an overnight beach camping trip over the weekend. Since summer is nearing, I decided to come up with a checklist of what I usually bring every time my friends and I would go to the beach for an overnight camping.

It is very important to bring all travel essentials for a beach camping trip since most of the time you will be on an island with limited food, water, and power supplies and access to the main island would require a boat ride. Last year, my friends and I went to six (6) beaches over the span of the entire summer and the list below easily helped me to pack all the necessary things we needed for our trip.

    • Waterproof tent (with poles & rain guard)
    • Sleeping bag
    • Portable light/head lamp/solar-powered lantern
    • Optional:
      • Tarp
      • Hammock
      • Air mattress (if with power supply)
      • Inflatable sofa
    • Portable butane gas stove
    • Butane gas canisters
    • Water jug with drinking water
    • Ice cooler with ice (for cold storage)
    • Cooking wares (kettle, pan, pot, pot holder)
    • Cooking tools (knife, cutting board, pair of scissors, can/bottle opener, lighter)
    • Dinner wares (plate, glass, spoon & fork, serving dish & ladle)
    • Cleaning stuff (dishwashing liquid soap, sponge, garbage bag, dish cloth, paper towel)
    • Optional: Aero press (for brewed coffee) & grill (with coal)
    • My go to drinks: box of red wine, brewed coffee, water
    • My go to snacks: brie cheese & Fita crackers, Tostitos chips & dip
    • For food, we buy fresh produce & meat at a local market
  • PERSONAL ITEMS (Click the link for the complete list: http://lheilamendoza.com/my-travel-checklist/)
    • Clothes (shirt, short, sleeping wear, undies, light jacket, socks)
    • Footwear (slipper or aqua shoes)
    • Sleeping apparel (sarong or malong, long scarf, travel pillow, insect repellent)
    • Swimming apparel (swimsuit, goggles, sunscreen)
    • Basic Toiletries (Soap, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, dry towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, feminine wash, deodorant, moisturizer, lotion)
    • Basic hygiene & cosmetics (powder, cologne/perfume, lip & cheek tint, lip balm, comb, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue)
    • Accessories (eyeglasses, watch, sunglasses, ponytail, earrings, cap/head gear)
    • Electronics (cellphones, charger, power bank, blue tooth speaker, headphone, mini fan)
    • Important/Miscellaneous Items (money, waterproof bag, book, pen, notebook, flashlight, card/IDs, plastic bag, medicine/first aid kit, board games/playing cards)
    • Food & water (bottled water/tumbler, gum, sweets)

Enjoy the upcoming summer and set yourself to an awesome beach camping trip with family and friends!

You may also watch the video versions (of this blog) via my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/kbbuXZL0saM (First Part: Personal Items)

https://youtu.be/TS4Yr_vVNVI (Second Part: Camping & Cooking Gears)

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